About us

Who we are?

The main goal of the Association for Environmental Protection in Érd is to recognize, to protect and to widespread the natural, manmade and cultural wealth of our home town of Érd and its neighborhood, while also identifying, disclosing and addressing the problems threatening these values. It also aims to have a major role in developing and promoting an environmental attitude, behavior and vision, to revive the environmental consciousness of inhabitants, to enable and facilitate social partnership for the town and for its natural surroundings, with a primary focus to the welfare of the people living in this beautiful spot of our Planet.

The Association was founded in 2001 and we have been operating as an association for public benefit since 2007. The members of our organization are private individuals, volunteers who sustain and share the above mentioned goals and ambitions. Thanks to this small team of around 30 people a number of remarkable achievements have been reached in the past few years:

  • nature trails have been established in the valley of Fundoklia (with rare plant species) and on the Beliczay island in these environmental protection areas under local protection.
  • we have reached out to schools to provide interactive educational programs to students year by year (one of the latest being a 3-day camp for first-grade children at a local school).
  • we have issued a number of publications and magazines (e.g. …)
  • we have built public parks
  • we have been present in all relevant city events
  • we have created a digital map of the rubbish dump spots in our region (see: link) and managed to clean up a large part of a ‘Natura 2000’ area.
  • we have made our contribution and supported all initiatives of the local and national government every time these had something in common with our activities and endeavors.

The Association delegates a permanent member with voting right to the Environmental Committee of the City Assembly. We work closely together with the local government of the city, with the municipal police, with the civil guard, with the authority responsible for the maintenance of public areas and with other civil organizations.

The Association however has very limited financial resources. In fact, it has no assets at all, since neither the local, nor the national government supports it financially. The donations we receive are publicly disclosed through articles in local and regional media, including related photographs, videos, interviews.

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